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Alan Modikwa

Content Marketing, Web Design & Brand Development — Alan Media Group



Alan Modikwa

Founder of Alan Media Group

Hi! Welcome to my company website, I know part of the main reason why you’re here is to grow your business and generate enough sales, or more sale. I want to tell you a short story, maybe it may just help you.

When I was in my last year of college in 2016 I’ve discovered that building a business is not something that you should wait for funding to start, but simply just start. I started several businesses that picked up quickly but because of the long term vision I had to close all of them because I could see the crash while the growth was exciting. I moved back to Polokwane in around 2018 and started Alan Media Group.

I know exactly how you may just feel about your business right now and that’s mainly to grow it. I am here to help you, i have worked with several businesses in Limpopo, Gauteng and South Africa at large, I’ve even reached clients as far as Bali, Indonesia.

Right now i am creating content on business growth and how to scale and part of how to start is through a website, this is one of the first phases that prove your businesses is here to stay, the following such as social media marketing and content creation are major priorities to keep your business alive, running and bringing in sales.

Let’s chat and look at how we can grow your business today We’re quite some, but we’re hell efficient. Contact me on alan@alanmediagroup.com or 072 292 7844. Let’s scale!



Website Development

Conversion based design: We look to build websites that represent who you are and look amazing, but conversion is at the front of our mind because it amplifies the effect that marketing to your site ultimately has.

Land with impact: Invest in landing pages that align with acquisition campaigns to maximise the chance of conversion, deliver growth, and create digital dividends.

Audit your site: We can run through your data and your site to identify the areas that can be tweaked to help accelerate your growth.
One page to rule them all: Launching a new brand or product? Get to market quickly with a one-page website and expand as you succeed and scale.
Consulting Services

Digital Re-Alignment: For businesses who still rely heavily on “traditional” marketing methods, the transition to digital can be very daunting. A digital re-alignment strategy outlines the steps that a business can take in order to adopt a digital first approach to its marketing.

Audit: Analyse the qualitative and quantitative aspects of your digital presence, from website design – to ad performance, to social media profiles, and beyond. As well as an evaluation, we provide specific recommendations to improve your overall digital performance.

Tactical Plan: A tactical plan outlines the steps that a business could take, across a range of digital channels, to drive growth and achieve their goals. The tactics align and combine to amplify their individual performance and bring about your goal faster.

Training & Workshops: Our specialists will work with you to deliver tailored workshop sessions for your team in order to help educate and upskill on a variety of topics, from analytics and automation – to SEO and social media (and everything in between).

Marketing Growth

The whole customer journey: Focusing on the role of each channel and tactic play as part of a wider marketing strategy.

Moving the budget fluidly: This allows for marketing budgets to be moved quickly to where they will get the best result.

Working to a single goal: Instead of setting individual targets, the team works to an overall goal that each member has a role in achieving.

Achieving faster growth: This agility allows for faster decision making, and ultimately reaching the goal faster.

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